Sunday, November 05, 2006

List of Shame Update

From Les Enragé An update to sans-culotte's finest work.

On a suggestion from, and with the help of commenter extraordinaire MACACA DOODLE DOO, I posted This Update to Sans-Culotte's GOP List of Shame a few days ago at Les Enragés. It's 'just' a list of links to articles about Republican party politicians who have been investigated, indicted or convicted of various crimes in the last year or so. I put quotes around the word 'just' in the previous sentence because when a list gets this long it becomes far more than the sum of its parts. It becomes a clear and undeniable statement of what sans rightly calls a 'culture of corruption' within the Republican party and their supporters.
If the justice department wasn't run by Roberto Gonzales and the Supreme Court dominated by equally corrupt and partisan Republican appointees, the RICO investigation (Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization) would bring the party down, along with a substantial number of higher-ups in the corporate world and the religious right. Unfortunately, the US has a two-party system, and taking the Repugs out of the mix would give them a one-party system. And that ain't democracy.
I can't reproduce the list here, because it's so long that it requires 'folding' the post and I haven't installed the Java script on this blog to do that. So here's the link again:
The Growing GOP List of Shame, and while I'm at it here's a link to Even though Sans has been MIA since late July (the main reason for the creation of Les Enragé there are no recent updates, you can learn a lot by clicking on his 'most popular' links in the sidebar.

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